Recognition Plaques As A Way Of Recognizing Employees

There's nothing like a good old pat on the back (literally and/or figuratively) for a job well done. Yes, money is what people think they want, but in reality the greatest motivator is appreciation for your hard work and recognition in a job well done.

A recent study showed the by giving bonuses, employees productivity didn't change very much at all. Increasing the size of the bonus didn't affect it either. But throwing in a prize of recognition DID change the output of productivity. This is a strange psychological thing that we might not even be aware of at the subconscious level.

Recognition plaques are a great prize and motivator. It's like a pat on the back that keeps recurring. The employee not only sees it, but others do as well. The employee sayd to himself, "that's me" - and it can lift that person's spirit as well as motivate him or her on to greater things. If you believe it, you can achieve it, and there's something about a permanent recognition plaque sitting right in front of you, day in and day out. You may consciously stop looking at it, but it's there, reinforcing it's message at an almost subconscious level.

In the book "Think And Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill says that our subconcious can be molded and shaped towards great success. Things like a plaque with properly-chosen wording can go a long way towards shaping our subconscious mind.

Not only that, but peer recognition is a great motivator. There's a lift that the receiver of the award gets as well as a push for other people who see the cool recognition of achievement. Those people want to be rewarded and see the boss pat them on the back as well, so they'll work harder and smarter.

It's a very simple thing for a very affordable price. How much might an employer give out for a yearly bonus? $50? $100? A couple hundred at Christmas? No matter how much is given, that money is quickly spent and forgotten. It might even be seen as a negative if the employee hears that a friend got a bigger bonus. Heaven forbid if they hear that a co-worker got a bigger bonus than them! Morale might go down quickly.

Much better to give a permanent present - and one that nicely doubles as recognition of a job well done. Example: I once got an iPad as a Christmas present and it had a lasting effect. Every time I use it I think that work got it for me for doing a great job. Everyone says how cool the place I work at must be.

Likewise with recognition plaques - you can make them specific to each individual and select an amazing quote or other wording. Best of all, the prices are pretty cheap when compared with monetary bonuses of something as expensive as an iPad!

So don't delay, check out the possibility of starting to reward your employee's achievements with recognition plaques today! VisionMark Nameplate Company can help you!

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